Shipping + Returns

International shipping

All canvases larger than 18x24 will be taken off the stretcher bars (wooden frame) and will be rolled into a tube with disassembled stretchers if possible. Such option is much more safe and cost effective for international shipping. You are responsible for finding a local framer to re-stretch the canvas. If this option is not what you prefer, please contact us at to discuss further options and costs.

Paper products

Prints and paintings on paper will be mailed in bend proof envelopes with additional cardboard for extra protection. Larger prints will be rolled and mailed in a shipping tube.

What all is included in shipping + handling fee?

To assure that we provide the safest transportation for your beloved artwork possible, we spend one to two hours preparing a canvas for shipping. Packaging includes making boxes or using two as one which requires a roll of tape to hold everything in place. One medium size canvas requires a small roll of bubble wrap and a bag of shipping peanuts additionally. Sometimes we insert extra cardboard or a full interior box to add extra protection. Large canvases require double the amount of listed above supplies.

Because large canvases are of an awkward shape, the shipping carriers charge extra just for the size, which can cost an additional $20 to $100 depending on the dimensions. If there is a time that the shipping cost happens to be less than what you paid - we will refund the remaining amount without you having to worry. We do not charge you extra if shipping charges are more what we estimated, unless there is a crazy large difference.

* * *

We strive to provide immaculate customer service. However, sometimes unplanned events and obstacles that are beyond our control occur, and little fairies become unable to continue with their magic. In such scenario, we encourage you to contact us so we can appropriately address any concerns.