Goodbye Winter

Goodbye Winter


Gorgeous 16x20 inches canvas providing nothing less than gallery quality. Painted side to side. Wired. Ready to hang in your beautiful space. 

Interesting part about loving all of the seasons is that I cannot ever have enough of one. Sometimes. When the slightest feeling of being satisfied comes over me, it's like the nature just snatched it from under my nose. 

In the past almost 12 years living in the USA, this was my first normal winter. While I was extremely content with the world being covered underneath a white blanket, I missed the fresh beauty of spring. I missed the tiny leaves bursting through the branches, sunshine peeking through the clouds, flowers blooming. Aaaand just like that everything melted, snowed over, cycle repeated itself a few times, and the winter was over. I did not even get to say goodbye. This is my goodbye to winter. 

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