Goodbye Facebook!

Wow! What a breath of a fresh air! No, it was not due to recent data issues... well, partially it was. I have been thinking about the role of facebook in my life for the past few months.

At first, it was a neat way to keep in touch with friends. It did take away from a really life conversation, because when you saw each other it turned into "I did this and this last week", "Oh, yea, I saw on facebook". Hmm. 

Then it became a sharing central for funny videos and pictures and I kept wondering, why do I use this social media platform? I did not have an answer. Maybe I had a fear of not being instantly connected to a person I know. I am not sure. I also had a complication of my business page being attached to my personal one. I think I could sacrifice being on one less social media platform. 

I deleted my account! At times it felt like I had a need to scroll on something? What kind of thought is that even? That was a wild realization. I have an empty urge to get on social media throughout the day, that's how much of a habit social media became to me. I have been spending much more energy on creating and practicing art, even if it means doing something other than painting. 

From now on, find me on instagram or here :)

Love to all,