On Being Free

If you follow me on social media, you might hear me speak often how art brings me freedom. I am not sure why that is. 

When I paint, I know I am free to feel anything. I am free to be sad... I am free to be happy... It is quite a liberating experience for me. No rules exist. I have the most amazing experience when I paint against my fears. 

I have had a painting sitting in the corner for a few months now; it was a larger 30x40 in canvas. I love painting big, but this one was scaring me a little. I laid down few basic colors, but had no idea how to proceed. I kept looking at it, it kept looking back at me. I just did not know what to do with it. But few days I had a rough day at work and in business. Yoga was not helping with the release of anxiety, in fact - nothing was helping. And when I get like this - I know that it's time to paint. 

I went into the office, and put that scary canvas on my new easel. What an honor for it to be the first one I painted on the new easel? Ha ha. I poured the paint on my palette, got my rubber gloves out, put some calming music on, and "went to town"... with no fear, no limitations, and peace at heart. "But Are You Brave Like Me?" was born that night. 

From the technical point of view, I used peach/orange and blues, reds and greens (complementary groups) to bring this piece together and give it unity. I made smudges, imprints, used hands without a brush, and dipped brush into different colors at the same time. Art is fun :)

I am not ready to part with this one yet, but stay tuned and subscribe to my newsletter to be the first one to know when it goes up in my shop. 


Svitlana MartynjukComment