Do you work with designers or accept commissions?

Yes, I do. Designers receive 15% discount. Please email at or submit the contact form for any inquiries. Read this for more information on commissioned art.

Is there a price list?

Prices vary for limited edition series, abstract work, watercolor art, or prints. For any other services such as collaboration or custom work please contact us at

All prices listed on the website are current.

What if the art I purchased doesn't look as I imagined in my interior?

We offer free mock-up services. You can email us a photograph of your room or a wall where you would like to place the artwork, and we will email you back same photo but with the artwork of interest placed in it. Make sure to mark the dimensions (corners) of the artwork placement on the wall with masking/painting tape, so that we can render the best representation possible.


Do you accept returns?

Returns are not currently accepted, unless the artwork was damaged in transit. We strive to provide immaculate customer service. However, sometimes unplanned events and obstacles occur that are out of our control, and little fairies are unable to do their magic. In such scenario, we encourage you to contact us so we can appropriately address any concerns. 


May I use your art for a reference or a school project?


Do you do live events?


What is your professional experience?


What do you with the personal information you receive from your customers?

Svitlana M. Fine Art L.L.C. reserves all rights to the content published on this website. However, if you are interested in a one-time private personal or educational use (which does not include reproductions for profit, or claiming any work as your own), please contact us personally at to further discuss such options.

Yes! My current rates start at $800 for 4hr event + travel (includes up to 1200 sq in. canvas, 50% off if larger).
I work with professional grade acrylic colors which have fast drying time, have strong lightfastness, and produce no odor, and require very little maintenance once the painting is completed. Only archival quality materials are used to prolong the life of your piece. The works are completed in abstract painting style.

I have been an artist my whole life, but the professional career started as I earned the spot to compete at a state level for VASE competition at 17. For the past 10+ years I've been completing numerous commissioned works, growing a business, participating in local artist events, illustrated a book, and currently have my work licensed by West Elm which you can find across their stores. My education consists of AA in Fine Arts, BA in Psychology, and MS in Strategic Management (due in 2019).

Being a customer myself, there is nothing more privacy-violating than receiving emails from companies when I did not sign up for them. We do not share any information with any vendors unless it involves shipping your order. We do not send you updates or emails unless it involves your order or you sign up for our newsletter.