Private consulting for artists

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Are you passionate about your creative career?

I am just as passionate about helping you grow!

If you are looking to:

  • gain exposure through local events, shows, exhibits

  • find out what is the next step for you

  • create a strategic plan for the next year or two

  • strengthen your investments and gain knowledge about managing your business' finances

  • find useful resources that pertain to your specific situation

you are in the right place!

Having a Master’s degree in Strategic Management, turning my hobby into a business, and being passionate about solving problems makes me stand out among others as an experienced professional who is both art and business savvy.

Private consultations start at $75/hour which includes a prepared document with implementable suggestions based on the information you provide prior the live consultation, any concerns we discuss during the consultation, and most importantly - result-driven solutions.

Why the price is so affordable? Because it’s about time that artists are not starving anymore by spending hundreds of dollars on resources they could have searched on google.

Let’s get started!

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